Robots for Restaurants

Create clean and safe places for your employees and customers with our wide range of Disinfection Robots.

Our robots for restaurants will surprise every guest that chooses your venue to dine. Some of the robots have a built-in touchscreen that will entertain your guests while they wait to be seated or served. These robots can show video, as well as provide a messaging and gaming platform. Guests can fill out satisfaction surveys through the robots after their meal. Since the robot can interact through voice commands and include voice recognition features, certain greetings can be pre-programmed.


Orders – Take orders at tables

After the guests arrive and they are walked to their table, robots for restaurants are also programmed to take guests’ orders. The touchscreen or voice commands can be used to take orders.

Order delivery to tables

Not only can the robot for restaurants receive customers, walk them to their assigned table, and take note of their order, these robots can carry the order from the kitchen to the correct table.

Facial recognition – Loyalty Interaction

Our robots for restaurants include facial recognition capacity. VIP clients can be easily spotted by the robot. Other loyalty related features would allow non VIP members to join the VIP program. Loyalty programs improve the dining experience.

Send commands to kitchen

Once a robot has taken several orders from the customers, these orders can be relayed to the kitchen, so it is immediately processed by the cooks, cutting unnecessary waiting times.

Marketing client segmentation

Our robots for restaurants can carry out people counting inside the restaurant. This occupancy control can be done using a combination of facial recognition and RFID tags.

Quizzes, games, and forms

The robots for restaurants that we offer comes with built in features to entertain guests, while they wait to be served after they have ordered. The robots also provide the option of carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.

NFC Contactless – Credit card payment

The check can be paid using the robot’s NFC Contactless features. The robot can also print a receipt of the transaction.

Emotion recognition

These robots can recognize a client’s mood through certain keywords and questions. Depending on the client’s mood, the robot can follow different courses of action when interacting with them.

Accompany clients to their tables

These robots will not only meet and greet customers. The robots are programmed to walk clients with a reservation to their table. The robots will bid the customers farewell with a message of appreciation before moving on.

Autonomous robots for contact prevention

One of the great advantages of our wide range of robots is that they manage to avoid contact between people as a method of preventing the spread of viruses, giving an image of security and confidence to your business. These robots are capable of recognizing spaces, remembering them, moving autonomously, avoiding obstacles thanks to their sensors, and can be handled remotely, carrying any type of element that we place on them. Thought their displays, they can show multiple types of information and emit sound messages.

Robots for Hotels

Greet your hotel guests with one of our Social Robots. Tokyo the Robot can turn your check-in and check-out procedures into a fun and friendly experience.

Our robots for hotels are actual interactive systems that work as connected and updated information points for guests. They can direct them to the key spaces like the breakfast hall, the pool, or indicate which elevator to take to their room. They can provide meal schedules and weather forecasts.


Robotic Check-in

The robots for hotels we offer are prepared to take over the entire check-in process of your hotel. Thanks to their built-in touchscreen, the guests of your hotel can carry out an automated check-in and check-out. Robotic processing will speed up waiting times and reduce paperwork. The robot can print out an invoice and carry out the payment process. This will prevent crowded reception areas and improve the experience of customers.

Facial recognition – Loyalty – Interaction

These robots are equipped with facial recognition technology that can customize greetings and messages to returning customers. If the robot greets a first-time visitor, however, it can suggest signing up to the hotel’s record in order to receive customized messages.

Property Management System (PMS) integration

The initial set up of the robot includes integrating the unit so that it works with the management systems used.

RFID card and bracelet swiper

The card reader and bracelets can be used to enable the robot to inform guests of the location of their room just by swiping their card or bracelet. It can also provide guests with information about their boarding in order to provide the best experience for guests.

Restaurant dish delivery

Our robots can display the daily menu. They can lead the guests to their assigned table and take the orders. This enables them to be used both as hotel robots as well as hotel restaurant robots.

VIP / Security alerts

The manager can be alerted immediately if a VIP guest arrives. It can also warn management if a blacklisted customer is spotted. It can extend the notification to the police if the customer is suspicious.

Room service

You can automate room service too with the help of our robots. The robot for hotels can take food trays and drinks to room that request this service. It can also provide up to date weather forecasts and the current temperature.

Animation at events

These robots for hotel animation. The guests will appreciate having robots as a form of entertainment included in the entertainment offering. It can be used for dancing activities, interacting with guests, and taking over part of child animation activities.

Event Check-in

Robots can also entertain ad specific hotel events while also managing occupancy thanks to its people counting features. Its facial recognition system will keep track of how many people have attended the event. This ensures the health and safety of everyone in attendance.

Lead generation at events

Hotels can use robots as a source of attention. Many people that would normally not interact with anyone are willing to play around with a robot. The robots are allowed to collect the endless data on their database that can be used by the hotel to improve their guests’ stay.

Quizzes, games and forms

At the end of their stay, robots can request guests to fill out a survey related to their stay and their degree of general satisfaction. This will allow the hotel to improve its services according to the feedback provided by customers.

Accompany guests

Our hotel robots are equipped with autonomous movement systems, so they can wander freely around the hotel. This allows them to accompany guests, guiding them to different parts of the hotel, such as the café, breakfast hall, game room or help them find their room.

Autonomous robots for contact prevention

One of the great advantages of our wide range of robots is that they manage to avoid contact between people as a method of preventing the spread of viruses, giving an image of security and confidence to your business.

Robots for Retail

Take your shop into the Digital Age with Tokyo the Robot business solutions. Our robots will create a great user experience for your clients.


Product display and automated purchases

The touchscreen can offer customers a one-click purchase of any available item in the catalog.

Emotion Recognition

These robots can recognize a client’s mood through certain keywords and questions. Depending on the client’s mood, the robot can follow different courses of action when interacting with them.

RFID Stocktaking system

Keep tabs on your stock. If you wish, the retail robot can manage an inventory application operated through an RFID reader.

VIP / Security alerts

Retail robots can detect if a VIP client comes into the premises or if a blacklisted client does. In the latter case, the manager (and even the police) are notified so they can address the unwanted/suspicious client.

Accompany clients to sections

Retail robots are designed to move freely around open spaces. They can walk customers in the need of help to the part of the establishment where they wish to go.

Customized marketing segmentation

Retail robots can have an impact on improving sales. They are programmed to provide sales segmentation data.

Active conversations with clients

The built-in facial recognition system and touchscreen can carry out intensive people-counting, in order to ensure that maximum occupancy is maintained.

Lead generation

When robots are exposed to a great influx of people, they can collect a great deal of information throughout the day. The data provided by the robot’s database will help you learn about what your clients are looking for and thus adapt the offer to the demand.

NFC Contactless – Credit card payment

Retail robots can manage payment processes through contactless NFC cards. These robots are prepared to print invoices and receipts if needed.

Quizzes, games and forms

Robots will request customers to complete a survey about the shopping experience and their degree of satisfaction in order to improve the customer experience provided.

Autonomous robots for contact prevention

One of the great advantages of our wide range of robots is that they manage to avoid contact between people as a method of preventing the spread of viruses, giving an image of security and confidence to your business.

Robots for Healthcare

Tokyo the Robot can help the elderly through sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based Cognitive Therapies. Keep reading to learn how.

These robots can contribute to the elderly’s well being thanks to their brain stimulation therapy features. The features can be accessed via the robot’s screen and voice interaction. The cognitive therapies help the elderly to maintain their brains active, which greatly impacts their health.


Facial recognition and personalized therapies

Robots are able to adapt to the person interacting with them. It can gauge the complexity of the messages and adapt to another set of features. Besides this feature set, the face recognition capabilities allow robots to adapt in real-time to who they are speaking to.

Friendly information point

The touchscreen and the voice commands turn the robots into easy to use devices for the elderly to communicate and send messages.

Word triggers to detect emotional status and warn staff

Our robots are designed to detect mood in elderly people and interact with them. This detection is triggered through keywords and specific targeted questions. According to the reaction provoked in the senior resident, the robot will determine the mood. Depending on the perceived state of mind the robot can urgently summon the manager or nearby ward nurses.

Quizzes, games and forms

Families can rest assured that their elderly are receiving the best treatment and that they are satisfied. Robots carry out easy to complete forms. They also offer entertainment options like games. Games can keep the elderly amused and entertained.

Accompany residents

Robots can be set to move autonomously throughout the premises or to operate as senior resident companions. Thanks to this feature, robots can prevent senior citizens from getting lost wandering around the care homes surrounding area while keeping them company.

Room service

The robot for care homes is designed to move around the facilities freely, carrying medicines or food trays to the elderly in their rooms.

Select menu preferences and send to kitchen

Our robots for elderly care homes can display the daily cafeteria menu on the touchscreen. The residents can click on their preferences, which will then be recorded automatically in the robot’s database.

Third-party software integration

Robots for care homes provide useful features that were already being previously used or were trying to be deployed. The further use of the robot will improve it eventually and make it more complete along the way.

Active conversations with patients

Robots provide care homes with an enhanced feature that allows holding remote conversations with the elderly thanks to their built-in technology.

Video Conferences with family members

Video calling family members enhances only speaking to them because the elderly can see them through the robot’s built-in camera, mic, and screen.

Autonomous robots for contact prevention

One of the great advantages of our wide range of robots is that they manage to avoid contact between people as a method of preventing the spread of viruses, giving an image of security and confidence to your business.

Telepresence Robots

We suggest Telepresence Robots as the core model for care homes. These robots can make video calls from different spaces in the care home and move freely from one space to another. The built-in screen, speakers, camera, and microphone allow senior residents to interact through video calls with their beloved family members. Telepresence allows staying in touch with the family of their beloved elderly. Robots help to feel the family close.

Pass Management Temperature Robots

CPlace our Pass Management Temperature Robots and safely and reliably measure the temperature of your customers, visitors and employees.

Our highly efficient robots are equipped with an infrared thermal sensor, which allows taking a person’s temperature accurately at a distance autonomously, thus avoiding contact. The thermal camera measures the temperature of the person regardless of whether they are wearing a face mask or not. These thermal sensors can be used as standalone devices or integrated as a feature to any of our existing robots.

If a robot detects feverish temperature, it can be configured to automatically send a message (to security, the management, or health authorities) or issue an audible alarm signal. It can also screen access areas and alert if unauthorized strangers are attempting to enter. It can be configured to detect if feverish people or individuals without a face mask are trying to access as well.


Access Control

Temperature Control Robots can be integrated into pre-existing access systems such as turnstiles or automated doors.

Facial Recognition

Its facial recognition system is able to properly screen and recognizes your clients, employees, and visitors. It is able of performing the facial recognition process successfully, regardless of whether the person is wearing a face mask or not.

Various models (full height stand or desktop)

There are different models to adapt to the entrance of your offices allowing you to choose between a full height stand or its desktop/wall-mounted counterparts.

Card Reader

You can opt to include an RFID card reader to improve the efficiency of employee access.

Cloud Based Management

The Cloud based Monitoring System allows you to centrally manage different temperature control robots that can share a database of images and identity records of the people that attempt to access your premises.

Tokyo Sanitary with Temperature Measurement Sensor

Tokyo, our most advanced robot, now has embedded temperature detection capacity. This extends the long feature set of our flagship robot with a new capability. Tokyo’s features are geared to improve the safety and well being of your clients, visitors, and employees.

Sanitizing Robot Virus Fog System

This system cleans, sanitizes, and perfumes the premises protecting all kinds of spaces. The fog drags suspended particles to the ground eliminating them from the air. It is 1 700 times more efficient than traditional sprayed solutions. The discharge of ultra-dense fog takes only a few seconds to work It can be triggered remotely, for example, at night from the App.


We work for the success of your tech project. We’re experts in robotics, AI, VR, holography and digital training.Working for the integration of robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, holography and new technologies in companies and societies through the creation of innovative solutions, optimizing resources and giving value to human relationships. We want to be an important part of the success of your technological initiatives.

Tokyo Robot

Tokyo the Robot is one of the most versatile and powerful robots currently on the market. It has preinstalled software for events, healthcare, restaurants, hotels and retail. Tokyo is a high-end robot that can be programmed to carry out any task.

Pepper Robot

We’re experts at programming Pepper the Robot. We offer services to set up its deployment in any event, customer service and much more, through the implementation of sophisticated AI tools.

Robot waiter Lolita

The robot waiter Lolita is available for events and catering in restaurants. Achieve a WOW effect with the Lolita service robots in different models and colors.

Sanbot Robot

Sanbot is a high-end robot, recommended for customer service. Its magnificent design, traction system and sound quality make it a great robot.

Telepresence Robot

We offer different telepresence robot models. Some of them are the Double 0, the Padbot P1 and Padbot P2. Deliver great speeches and coaching sessions from any distance and visit events anywhere in the world without leaving your chair.

QBO Robot

The QBO robot is the perfect home assistant, and also a great corporate receptionist. Its elegant look makes it the center of attention. We will ensure its complex programming to fulfill all your expectations.

VR Experience

Whatever the theme of your event is, we have the perfect VR experience for you. From beach simulators to virtual golf courses. Anything is possible. We have the best professional VR and AR systems: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Hololens.

VR Simulations

We have over 10 different types of VR simulations: spaceship flight, rollercoaster ride, F1 racing, war zone, bicycle ride, paragliding experience, scuba diving, golf course, beach day, moto GP and different walking simulators.

Tech TeamBuilding

We organize corporate tech teambuilding workshops. Some options are 3D printing, drones, VR graffiti, robo-LEGO, holograms, Design Thinking, robo-fighting tournaments, robo-soccer tournaments, drone basketball, educational robot workshops, teambuilding with robots and custom workshops.


We have holographic virtual assistants, holo pyramids, holographic panels up to 10 ft tall and holographic meshes capable of projecting all kinds of images. Give your product presentations an impactful touch with our holograms.

Smart Mirrors

We work with different models of smart mirrors. From the sophisticated Dirror to virtual booths to try on masks, cars and clothes with our Intelligent Test Mirror models.

Disinfection Robots

Based on Tokyo model, we’re introduced disinfection and human temperature control models, on top of current functionalities.
Create Clean and safe places for your employees and customers with our wide range of Disinfection Robots.




Application of our disinfection robots

  • Disinfection robots for Schools
  • Disinfection robots for hotels
  • Disinfection robots for shops
  • Disinfection robots for venues
  • Disinfection robots for hospitals
  • Disinfection robots for airports
  • Disinfection robots for shopping centres
  • Disinfection robots for offices
  • Disinfection robots for the elderly
  • Disinfection robots for train stations
  • Disinfection robots for retail
  • Disinfection robots for public places

Main Features

  • Fixed routers : The robot can follow a predetermined route
  • Disinfection functions: Sprays and disinfects while navigating
  • Automatic charging: Once the work is finished, or the battery is low, the robot can auto-charge itself.
  • Voice broadcast: The robot can play different messages during work, or during predetermined tasks.
  • Obstacle avoidance: Robot sensors can detect obstacles and avoid them, or walk around.
  • Different scary nozzles for different angles of spraying.
  • Disinfectant volume: 30 liters.
  • Spray distance: 2 to 6 meters.

Disinfection with UV light



Temperature Measurement - Stand model

Desktop or Display model

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