Tech Teambuilding with Robots,VR, Holograms and Drones

Our Teambuilding activities have been designed to help your team acquire the main competences needed for the Digital Era. Each workshop is made based on the actual needs of each group. The activities can be combined and done by teams of 10 up to 1,000 participants. We know that the Experience + Fun lead to learning. Our unique formula also combines technology, which increases the interest and the assimilation of new key competences.

Robot tournaments

Teambuilding with Laser Spiders

Two robotic spiders face against each other. Each team has to go around the obstacles and manage to shoot the other spider 10 times to neutralize it. Fun activity where everyone will end up more than satisfied.

Teambuilding with Robot Fighters

This thrilling activity can be adjusted for teams of any size. We organize a full Robot Fighting Tournament where the contenders, divided in two groups, will have to cooperate and compete to win.

Teambuilding in "Save the World"

The alien robots are invading the world and only the Robosapiens can save humanity. Different races and fights are the goal in this fun activity.

Teambuilding with Robot Soccer

The teams will have to control the robots to score in the opposite goal. It's difficult to control a robot, shoot on target and avoid the opponents, but it's super fun!

Teambuilding with Drone Basketball

Both teams must score points flying their drones in the baskets. This competition puts together the best of three worlds: sports, robotics and drones.

Teambuilding Workshops

Teambuilding workshops with Robots

Robotics is omnipresent and many people are afraid of robots. In this highly entertaining workshop, the attendants will learn the basics of robotics by building their own robots and interacting with them in challenges in order to perform different tasks. An entirely practical workshop where the participants will learn to program different educational and professional robots. The participants have to program the robots to accomplish several individual and group challenges by cooperating and teamworking to achieve results. They'll learn about the many advantages that robotics can offer them in real life and they'll let their imagination and creativity loose.

Teambuilding workshops with robot Legos

Legos are a perfect way to blend together imagination with theoretical and practical formation, about robotics and Leadership, Teamwork, Communication and much more. Based on a 4-step system:

  • Connect: Awake the curiosity of the participants.
  • Build: Each participants will look for a way take on a challenge, manage conflicts, to listen up and be assertive.
  • Contemplate: Observe, experiment and analyze to correct and move forward.
  • Continue: This step is about getting into a "Knowledge Spiral" to perfect the acquired skills.

Teambuilding workshops with Drones

Drone building by putting them together from scratch. We offer different drone kits, depending on the activity's goal. From pre-built drones ready to fly to programming and building workshops with drones based on Lego and Arduino. In every case, fun is guaranteed!

Teambuilding workshops with Holograms

Holograms are fun. Who hasn't been amazed by images projected in 3D in space? In this fun workshop, the participants will learn basic 3D holography techniques. First, we'll see how to locate and modify objects in 3D to later create holograms that can be visualized in our professional holographic boxes, like a company's logo with 3D effects. By the end of the acticity, everyone will take home a hologram made by themselves that they'll be able to play just by using a smartphone or tablet.

Teambuilding workshops with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting and potentially revolutionary technologies at the moment. In this entirely practical workshop, the participants will have the chance to get an in-depth introduction to Augmented Reality, visualize different contents with Augmented Reality Glasses as well as their tablets and smartphone.

Teambuilding workshops with 3D printing

In the upcoming years it will be possible to 3D-print any imaginable object. From a toy to a pizza. Currently we can 3D-print furniture, highway sections and aeronautics parts. 3D printing is one of the technologies that will have the biggest influence in the world in the years to come. In this practical course, the participants will learn about the 3D printing technology so they're able to scan objects and then modify them and print them. Everyone will take home a souvenir from this fun workshop. They'll have to overcome different tests along with their team and 3D-print the company's favorite logo or product... And, of course, do it better than the other teams!

Teambuilding workshops with Design Thinking

This workshop can be delivered individually or combining any of the previous ones. Design Thinking is an incredibly powerful methodology to spark innovation in the company. In this workshop, the participants face the challenge to create a prototype of product or service. It's done in teams and everyone will participate to create the better ideas that can later be kickstarted within the company.

Teambuilding with Virtual Reality

Teambuilding with VR Grafitti

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies that will have the biggest world-changing impact in the upcoming years. This activity is targeted for innovation processes, since the participants are assigned the goal to create a Team Logo that represents them. The activity is divided in a free drawing part and another one where the teams are organized to achieve the desired result.

Teambuilding with VR Flight Simulator

Our flight simulator allows you not only to fly, but also to scuba dive. It's a unique experience that will left no one indifferent. Work out your abs as you live a one of a kind experience in Virtual Reality.

Teambuilding with VR Walker

The Virtual Reality Walking Simulator lets you explore other worlds without limits. Complete free movement and 360º visual immersion. Find the treasure as you fight against the feared guardians in the world of Acan.

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