Telepresence Robot

Access any event from home

Double Robotics Telepresence Robot is a robot with two complementary functions. On one side, it allows a speaker to give their conference from the distance. A person who's in Tokyo or San Francisco could give a speech in Madrid or Barcelona. The attendees can see them through the screen, and the robot can be customized with a blazer, a t-shirt, a hat, etc. On another hand, that same long-distance visitor can walk around an event as if they were really there. It can have conversations with the attendees and much more. Furthermore, the Double Robotics Telepresence Robot can work as an Automated Photo Booth and Information Point thanks to its iPad.

Relevant info
What does it do? The Telepresence Robot is a robot that's useful to give speeches from a distance or to visit an event without being physically there.It can be controlled through previous programming or connected to a PC, smartphone or tablet.
Autonomy The Telepresence Robot's battery lasts between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the workload.
What does it include? The Telepresence Robot's price includes the robot, the programming, logistics and the required personnel to operate it. If you wish to customize the robot, we can add vinyl stickers as an option.
Customization he Telepresence Robot can be customized with vinyl stickers or showcasing media on its tablet. There are several versions: Doble 0, Padbot P1 and Padbot P2.
How much does it cost? Email us at or call us at the number 086 100 3400 so we can offer you a budget for the Telepresence Robot.
Requirements In order to acquire the Telepresence Robot, and so we can set up a budget for you, we need to know the date of the event, the tasks to be performed by the robot and the location. Once there, we'll need a power outlet and a safe place to keep the robot's supplies while it's being used. If it needs to stay overnight, we'll need a locked safe storage for the robot.
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