VR Simulators

Virtual reality for every occasion

We offer you the biggest, nationwide variety of virtual reality simulators. Whatever it is your passion, it has a virtual reality simulator for your taste.We offer our simulators for rent or sale. Whether it is to give a special touch to your event, or to enjoy it permanently, we have the best solution for you.

Bicycle Virtual Reality Simulator

This simulator that's suited to events where the goal is to practice sports. With our Bicycle Virtual Reality Simulator you'll be able to ride around the city, fly a helicopter with its pedals, ride in the wild west, drive a Ferrari and much more. This fun virtual reality simulator will give you a good time and work out at the same time. Get in shape with our Virtual Reality bicycle.

Virtual Reality Car Simulator

We have has many Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Car Simulators. We have the Red Bull, Ferrari and Formula One. If the center of your event are cars and speed, then you can count on our Virtual Reality Car Simulator. Feel the speed with all your senses in professional Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality Walking Simulator

Explore new worlds with our Virtual Reality Walking Simulator. Play in total immersion in a world where you can move with total freedom thanks to the harness and the clamping system of our simulator. Suited to all kinds of events. Our Virtual Reality Treadmills can be customized for all kinds of experiences.

Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Simulator

The Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Simulator is a one of a kind simulator in Europe. Experience in first person the excitement of getting on the most thrilling rollercoasters in the world. There's over 10 experiences available to live the maximum emotion.

Virtual Reality War Simulator

For one day you can get in the shoes of a real warrior without taking any risk. Arm yourself with a virtual assault rifle and enjoy fighting against the bad guys with our Virtual Reality War Simulator. The fun and adrenaline are guaranteed. The Virtual Reality War Simulator also works for security forces training.

Virtual Reality Jet Simulator

If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to get on an F16 fighter jet, this is the virtual reality simulator for you. We offer you the possibility to use this Virtual Reality Jet and Spaceship Simulator. This simulator will be the center of any event.

Virtual Reality Paraglider Simulator

Our Virtual Reality Paraglider Simulator has 3 games in 1. For one, you can fly a paraglider, but you can also fight against an alien invasion. This equipment can also become a Virtual Reality Scuba Diving Simulator. Maximum fun and you'll also do a lot of workout.

Virtual Reality Scent Capsule

With this original Virtual Reality Simulator you'll not only feel the view, the touch and the sound. Our Virtual Reality Scent Capsule allows you to use 4 of the 5 senses at the time, making it one of the most complete Virtual Reality experiences. Take a virtual vacation at the most unexpected places.

Relevant info
What does it do? Each of our Virtual Reality Simulators consist of a professional equipment with a Virtual Reality headset (usually an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear), along with a Virtual Reality Simulation machine.The user gets on a machine, or uses one of the controlling devices of the game, and lives a 360-degree experience that involves 3 or 4 senses, depending on the simulator: Vision, Audio, Touch and in some experiences even scent.Our monitors/hosts escort the users in the experiences to make them as fun as possible.
Autonomy Most of our Virtual Reality Simulators can be used uninterruptedly. In some cases is necessary to make a technical 15-minute pause every one or two hours. When it comes to asking a budget, we'll tell you about all the required characteristics.
What does it include? The price of our Virtual Reality Simulators includes everything needed for their functioning: Professional Virtual Reality Simulator, Professional Virtual Reality Headset Headset (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear or a combined set). It also includes the personnel, the logistics and the game.
Customization All of our Virtual Reality Simulators can be customized with vinyl stickers, furniture and staging. The personnel that operates the Virtual Reality Simulators can also wear customized clothing.
How much does it cost? Email us at info@omnibots.co.za or call us at the number 086 100 3400 so we can offer you a budget for our Virtual Reality Simulators.
Requirements n order to acquire our Virtual Reality Simulators, and so we can offer you a budget, we need to know the date of the event, the simulators you're interested into and the location.Once there, we'll need a power outlet and a safe place to keep the simulators' equipment while they're being used. If they need to stay overnight, we'll need a locked safe storage for them.The space that we usually need is 6.5 x 6.5 ft. It's important to foresee the place and load/unload schedule.
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