What's a hologram?

Before entering the subject, and talk to you about everything the company has to offer with its products, let's make clear for you what's a hologram. A hologram or holographic projector is a last generation tool capable of playing videos, images and animations from a mobile device in a 3D format. Holographic projectors are very acclaimed, given that the break with the typical conception of image and video representation in 2D screens and offer a new way to promote products from different brands in 360 degrees, which is why they are a perfect tool for shops, fairs, malls or events.

Turn your event into a unique experience

We are holography project aimed at advertising and events. Our platform guarantees the consumer that with its holograms they will be able to recreate objects, figures and even tridimensional human beings. We the first company specialized in holography that offers holographic projection and production to its client's publicitary or corporate events. So, if you're looking for something like that to give your company the push it needs, this company might be your solution. Our holograms are meant for fairs, expos, sale points, product launches... And the company itself ensures that not only it will be an attractive point for customers, but it will also work as a sustain tool to your presentations, in case you forgot what you had to say.

What is the conception of hologram offered by Us

Holograms defines as a transformed image based on the refraction of the light it reflects. Thereby, that refracted light is reflected in a way that gives the human sight the feeling that is being viewed from different angles, which gives it the 3D characteristic of holographic projections. Although it's being projected on a bidimensional surface, it will be the brain the the one that reinterprets the image along with the light reflections and turns it into a tridimensional image.

What makes our holograms stand out?

Holograms are characterized by having their own app that's available for your Smartphone and that you only need to install to play your videos and images through WI-FI.However, you won't have to worry about WI-FI connection, since it's built into the holographic projector itself, which allows you to quickly connect your mobile device and send the images and videos that you want to play in the holographic projector. This makes its use and installation very simple, given that through the WI-FI connection and the remote control you'll be able to quickly connect the projector with your Smartphone and control your holograms.

The format of the image or video will also not be an inconvenience, since every projector model offered by the company can play MP4, AVI, RMVB, JPG, GIF, PNG and basically any image or video format. In addition, you'll be able to combine devices to get a better visual experience for your clients, or the event's attendees.Furthermore, the company offers holographic projectors that adapt to the space and needs of the user. Whether it is to project on a crystal or in the outdoors, they can rely on having the best option to satisfy their needs.

Even though the holographic projector's installation is very simple, you can count on the company's support, which offers to make the installation for you, and to make sure the projection has the highest quality, just as it is promised. Probably, after all we've told you about the company and its services, you'll be interested in checking out their holographic projectors from up close.

Hologram formats


The curtain format is the biggest of them all, since it offers a 23.8 x 10.6 ft surface. The curtain's fabric is the material that offers the best results with its projections, achieving images with incredible quality and realism. This format is optimal for theatrical representations or scenic shows, because it stands out from a frontal point of view.


Methacrylate crystal, to be more precise. This format offers a projection surface of 6.5 x 3.9 ft. Thanks to this material you can get a frontal optical illusion that's ideal for fairs, expos, museums, theatres... The crystal is a more economical alternative to the curtain, but it doesn't fall short at all.


The pyramid format is made of crystal and it has a surface of 3.3 x 3.7 ft; it allows to project images or videos in its 360 degrees. This holographic projection format is very particular and innovative because it allows you to move around the projected image or video without losing the tridimensional hologram feeling.


Also called 'fan'. It has the smallest surface, with only 3.3 ft, but it can show projections to an angle of over 120 degrees. Is a highly versatile format with many applications, since it can be placed almost anywhere, whether it is hanging from a wall so it looks like the figures are flying, or on a steady place if the goal is to offer a more stable effect. Given its characteristics, it's the ideal option for showcases or sale points.

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