Pepper Robot.

The Pepper Robot is one of the most avanced humanoid robots in the market. Through a customized software, it's able to interact with people in real time. Besides, Pepper can incorporate apps to be adapted to any situation and/or event. Thanks to its great height (4 ft), it becomes a great attraction for your visitors. It sings, dances, takes pictures and, more importantly, it catches everyone's attention.

We will advise you to ensure the success of your event

Tell us about your project and we'll promptly suggest a solution including everything you need: the robot, the required programming, technical personnel, logistics and deployment. You'll be able to customize your robot with slogans, messages, images and videos on its built-in tables. It can also be decorated with vinyl stickers, hats, bow ties and much more.

Some of Pepper Robot's applications.

Selfie with Pepper

The charismatic Pepper Robot invites you to take a picture with it. It can show a customized message on its screen, and these photos can later be shared on social media with a hashtag recommended by Pepper Robot itself. You can take the opportunity to gather data from the users and give them your company's business information.

Master of ceremonies

Pepper can be programmed to give presentations on events, showcase a product or deliver an award. It can host a keynote or act as a member of a round table.

Leads caption and info point

Thanks to its built-in touchscreen, you'll be able to to complement Pepper Robot's speeches with illustrations, maps, catalogs and even interactive apps. Pepper is the ideal promoter to showcase your products. Besides, you'll be able to have a registry of your visitors through, lotteries, contests, etc.

Pepper Robot for the kids

Pepper Robot is the ideal friend for the children. Thanks to its real-time interaction capabilities, you'll be able to amaze the younger audience; it can even be programmed to read stories or improvise magic tricks to entertain the little ones. The robot will be the center of attention of all audiences.

Amusement and entertainment

With Pepper Robot, you'll get your event to be the most visited, remembered and shared; aside from getting all the attention from the media. We stand out in a different and more attractive way.


Make your event dynamic with Pepper Robot and find the best excuse to get a picture with the star of the event, showing your brand's identity with Pepper, the most advanced and groundbreaking humanoid robot. The buzz on social media will be an important success factor for your event.

Social media and sharemedia

Pepper Robot can be the best embassador for your event. Create an RRSS profile and Pepper Robot will take care of updating it with the event and your brand's hashtag; you won't have to worry about it. Enrich your RRSS with Pepper.

Pepper Robot

We customizes your robot for any use you might want to give to it. We can also provide business solutions for sales points, hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, airports, train/bus stations and retail. Tell us about your project and we'll advise you on how to kickstart your AI solution.

Relevant info
What does it do? Pepper can perform many tasks. It can entertain, have conversations with people, welcome your audience, host the photocall or be your master of ceremonies. With its built-in tablet, Pepper can showcase images (like your company's logo) or videos.
You can record messages or even entire conversations in Pepper Robot's memory.
Autonomy Pepper's battery can last from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the workload.
What does it include? Pepper Robot's price includes the robot, the programming, logistics and the required personnel to operate it.
If you want to customize your Pepper Robot, you can add vinyl stickers, put on a hat, t-shirt, attach balloons to it and much more.
Customization Pepper can be customized with vinyl stickers, hats, t-shirts, bracelets, balloons and many different objects.
How much does it cost? Email us at or call us at the number 086 100 3400 so we can offer you a budget for Pepper Robot
Requirements In order to count with Pepper Robot's services, and so we can offer you a budget, we need to know the date of the event, the tasks to be performed by the robot and the location. Once there, we'll need a power outlet and a safe place to keep the robot's supplies while it's being used. If it needs to stay overnight, we'll need a locked safe storage for the robot.
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