Robot Waiter Lolita

Spectacular events and campaigns

The robot waiter Lolita is a robotic waiter that will allow you to offer a unique catering service to your clients. Its tall 5'6" presence and its fun pre-programmed phrases in Spanish and English, will make stand out at your event. It will be the media's center of attention and everyone will be wanting to take a selfie with Lolita Robot. This robot waiter is available in different colors (red, blue, purple) and in girl or boy format.

Relevant info
What does it do? he robot waiter Lolita is a robot that works to serve food, drinks o deliver merchandising to catering or restaurant customers. With Lolita you'll be able to liven up an event, or automate your restaurant. In a restaurant, the table list can be programmed so that Lolita can serve them autonomously.You can record messages into the robot waiter Lolita that will be played by its operator or automatically.
Autonomy Robot waiter Lolita's battery can last between 6 and 8 hours, depending on its use.
What does it include? Robot waiter Lolita's price includes the robot, its programming, logistics and the needed personnel to operate it.
If you wish to customize the robot, we can add vinyl stickers to it as an option.
Customization The robot waiter Lolita is available in different colors: red, blue and purple.There are two versions: Boy (purple) or Girl (blue or red).
How much does it cost? Email us at or call us at the number 086 100 3400 so we can offer you a budget for the robot waiter Lolita.
Requirements If you wish to count with the robot waiter Lolita's services, and so we can offer you a budget, we need to know the date of the event, the tasks to be performed by the robot, and the location. Once there, we'll need a power plug and a safe place to store its extra equipment while it's being used. If the robot has to stay overnight, we'll need a storage that can be locked to keep the robot safe.
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